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Our Company has been engaged in the operation of restaurants, meat production and processing and the provision of catering services for more than 23 years.

The Hacienda Mexicana Company was a successful operator of a franchise network of Mexican restaurants in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Due to the new demands of our customers, we have created a new concept of restaurants called the BUTCHER’s based on the long-term experience of our team.

The main idea of ​​the new concept is to offer customers a unique dining experience with an emphasis on the freshness of ingredients, quality storage and unique technologies for food preparation.


The American concept is a mixture of international “Fusion Cuisine” and a mix of original recipes in a modern kitchen. The freshness of ingredients as well as the careful selection of these ingredients exist as the basis of our concept and we have gone to great lengths to locate the absolute best farmers in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

In our restaurant, there is also a bar and a “chill out” area where you will find a wide selection of cocktails, more than a hundred kinds of famous spirits and beer, which is cooled in beer boxes so that it can be served in perfect quality.

Our unique lava grill with a charcoal vaporizer gives the meat an unmistakable aroma and flavor. The three types of grilling plates spread the fibers in the meat according to your wishes. It is not only quality ingredients that add to the flavor.

The confectionery is an essential part of our restaurant. Our homemade desserts are always prepared in cooperation with leading confectioners. Lose yourself to the temptation of a sweet ending to a pleasant evening and try some of our specialties.

Quality and verified quality are two different things and the reason why our Company is a holder of “USDA” Certified Prime Steaks, which is the best mark of quality in the USA.

The wine bar is a place that will offer you a wide selection of wines from domestic and foreign regions, chosen by our sommelier. In addition to the wines intended exclusively for the restaurant tables, you can also buy any of our wines at a lower price to take home with you.

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